• by 13405585
As we notice corporations becoming incorporated into every aspect of our lives, we notice something that is all too similar between these corporations: who are these people? The system forced us to conform at the same level, leaving not a trace of individuality, then you can’t combat the system by not consuming the mass produced product. So what do we do? We bake our own bread, we design our own homes, we make our own music, we paint our perfect pictures; we dream our own dreams.You spend your money on goods that offer distinction. You buy what makes you feel superior, whether by showing that you’re cooler, better connected, better informed, more apprehensive, morally supreme, or just plain richer than those around you. Consumerism appears to be a product of consumers trying to outdo one another, meaning that conformity isn’t causing the problem at all. Competitive consumption’s the name of the game.


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