The Drive To Succeed

  • by 13405585
“If you wanted knowledge as bad as you wanted air, you will succeed.” -SocratesThe first step to succeeding is to want it. Always have that eager feeling, because if you truly desire your goals, you will feel as if you already have it; so just expect it. Remember the night before Christmas, you’d try to stay up late at night just to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus? Every Christmas you tried, but always fell asleep by 2AM.. but you were sure that this year you’d be up long enough to catch that glimpse and meet the legend himself, but next thing you know you woke up in the morning with the sight of presents under the tree. Maybe next year.. Always be eager.A lot of people just hope, but they aren’t willing to do what it takes. You really want it if you feel that you deserve it (you reap what you sow; so plant the seed!).Every being on this planet has its destiny; every animal has its instincts and are bound to those instincts. But we as humans have the dignity of choice. We choose our own destinies, so if you don’t like something going on in your life, you have the choice to change that; we really control our own destiny. But you must have the drive to succeed.


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