Acts of Silence

  • by 13405585
In our society, there are many issues that are taboo -- whether it be because of conflicts of interest or because speaking of these issues may alter our image as a person. For example, politicians who are forced to sweep certain issues under the rug or else their privately funded campaigns will be cut off. In a culture where majority rules, the "other" party is silenced.These are examples in which Acts of Silence have been the subject of culture:- Acknowledgement of war crimes- Breaches of human rights (such as vanishing persons and torture)- Gang crime, drugs -- "Stop Snitchin" slogan- Child/Domestic/Sex Abuse- Human sex traffickingAs a result, we stay silent in order to protect ourselves and others around us and sometimes, acts of silence can be worse than acts of violence.In collaboration with 408's own Genevieve Chanelle, Elusive is proud to present Acts of Silencethe release date of this t-shirt is not yet announced


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