Elusive & Black Grapes Present: Grapevine Society

  • by 13405585
This country is built on various morales that we hold to be true to ourselves and to one another. It is through these morales that we strive for what we want and believe in.Built on capitalism, one fundamental aspect of our country is the protection of our physical as well as intellectual capital. We must use our given resources to protect what we have spilled blood, sweat, and years into.Also crafted on the foundation of rebellion, the elusive republic of the union created proud beginnings which led to the birth and growth of what we now call home.The Grapevine Society is a cluster of individuals with unifying but unique motivations who use the vines of the system to communicate and share common thought. Divided we fall, united we conquer. We teamed up with the family of the Black Grapes Collection to present to you: Grapevine Society.


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