Weksos/Sonic MS Summer Rendezvous August 8th 2010

  • by 13405585
Weksos and Sonic MS teamed up together this year to host a summer meet that took place instead of the annual Weksos meet due to Weksos not being able to host it at their new shop(I think). Well anyways...........it was the perfect way for me, and I'm sure for many others also, to kick off my summer. People really showed this dedication for this meet. A lot of people were on the road, cruising, and caravanning to the meet by 7AM, if not earlier. Great turnout for an "unofficial" event, we had about a little more than half the parking lot filled up at its prime. Overall just a great day at the beach, chillin with some homies, enjoying the weather and I couldn't help but to grab some funnel cake while I was there heheh. Props to Weksos and Sonic MS!


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