Featured: TheStateStyle.com Interview

  • by Kiet Le

We did a short interview with the J over at TheStateStyle.com to get down to the basics of the brand and what we strive to communicate. This is a good read for any of you who don't know what Elusive means.


What is Elusive? Elusive describes the constant struggle that every one of us goes through as an experience of the human being to define the meaning of life. For all of us, life is an ongoing search for definition, a definition that we seek to live a meaningful life. This ongoing search is what we call The Constant Chase, a theme that is found throughout the Elusive journey since the beginning. A lot of our designs and taglines speak to the curiosity that lives in all of us. The human race is such a vast pool of experiences and we all walk our own paths.


So Elusive is a lifestyle. The human race is such a vast pool of experiences and we all walk our own paths. Elusive speaks to all paths. No matter what life that you choose to live, all of our paths merge at one point or another. It’s what we choose to do at these intersections determines the terrain on the walk of life.


Where do you find inspiration? I am inspired by you. People inspire me. It’s actually amazing to me the amount of energy that is within everyone; people work so hard to get to where they want to be, and that is inspiring as inspiring gets for me. Everyone from your local farmer to the designers, everyone and everything has its place. It’s the way that all the gears mesh in such harmony that inspires me.


What’s next for Elusive? We have a lot of projects lined up. Our next lines are going to be showing a lot of the visual language that you are used to seeing with Elusive, and some that you may not be used to seeing. We’ve gotten the chance to work with some great artists. You’ll see.


Will the brand open a flagship store? Every ship’s gotta fly it’s flag.



That’s right.


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